It all ends here.

Hap is still unable to control the powers he must master in order to save Umber's old world from destruction.

And now Umber's magnificent home, the Aerie, and the life Hap enjoys there with his friends, are under siege, from dangers near and far.

 A hostile king threatens to undo all the good Umber has achieved for the people of Celador.

Deep under the Aerie, the imprisoned sorceress Turiana is stirring and predicting unspeakable disaster.

But most frightening of all is the mysterious threat from the distant and forbidding Far Continent. Something unimaginable is approaching, with powers of destruction beyond anything this kingdom has ever seen.

The fate of two worlds is at stake. For Hap to fulfill his destiny, he must survive a life-or-death battle with a mighty enemy. And he may be forced to abandon everything he holds most dear...


 The memorable characters, fantastic creatures, and fast-paced action readers embraced in Happenstance Found and Dragon Games are all here in The End of Time, the heart-stopping conclusion to the acclaimed The Books of Umber trilogy.