Let the dangerous games begin.

Happenstance would like nothing more than to settle into an uneventful existence in the comfort of the Aerie. But life with Lord Umber is never dull. First, Hap is jolted by a revelation about the past he can't remember. Then, when Umber receives a pair of mysterious messages, he and Happenstance depart for an eventful voyage.

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And below, get a glimpse of what lies ahead in this heart-pounding, action-packed adventure:


 Three princes. Only one can inherit the throne of the ailing king. Is Loden, the youngest prince, as ambitious and ruthless as Umber thinks? You'll find out soon.


On a lost island inside a ring of volcanic fire dwell the bidmis: thousands of strange knee-high creatures that will do anything their master asks. But beware. Their servitude comes at a terrible price.


An old rival of Umber's has stolen a cache of precious dragon eggs, and delivered them into the hands of the brutal monarch of a distant land. Now the eggs are hatching... and Umber wonders, what will they do with the infant dragons?


The son of that brutal monarch is Magador: a heartless warrior who hates to lose any contest.


Her name is Fay. And she is both a princess and a prisoner.


And what are these crustaceous monsters? Happenstance has the misfortune to discover them... and wishes he didn't.


Her name is Arabell. She may look deadly. But she will help Happenstance more than once during this perilous adventure.


Meanwhile... you may be wondering about the questions that were posed in Happenstance Found. Where did Hap come from? Why is he afraid of water? What happened to Sophie's hand? Who is WN? What happened to Smudge's brother Caspar, Umber's former archivist? In Dragon Games, you'll learn the answers to these mysteries, and more.